Portable WiFi

HOW DOES IT WORK : The Pocket WiFi enables you to connect up to 10 devices to 3G internet connection at the click of a button. Small device that fits in your pocket.

WHAT DO YOU GET : Included – simcard with pre-confirgured data, charger, pouch.

WHAT IS REQUIRED : Passport ID is required upon collection.

HOW DO YOU GET / RETURN THE DEVICE : We recommend booking in advance to enjoy FREE delivery / collection on arrival / departure at the airport, in Stone Town and / or nearby vicinity. We can deliver / collect outside of Stone Town for a fee of US$40. If you have booked your holiday through a local ground handler, we can deliver / collect it with / from them.

HOW DO YOU PAY : Book your rental and pay online, on our site. Upon delivery, we will ask for a $50 USD deposit which will be returned to you in cash at time of return.

Pre-confirgured Wifi Bundles

Days Rental price EXCLUDING deposit Data/Day Usage
4 20 500MB Light
7 50 214MB Light
7 70 1.8GB Heavy
12 150 3.3GB Heavy

NOTE : US$50 deposit is required in cash when collecting the device, which will be returned upon return of device. Failure to return the device will result in the cancellation of the deposit.