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Active Holidays

We are for experience! Be it to do with culture & heritage, sun, sand & sea or more thrill seeking. We have you covered. Whether you are out to discover Stone Age settlement sites, embark on a dive voyage or parasailing, we have a whole range of activities to cater for diverse interests. If you are the adventurous type and fancy having a fling with Mother Nature, Grassroots Traveller will let you do just that – from safari games drives to hiking in tropical rainforests, we help you follow your heart.

Community Based Tourism

Our community based tourism programs offer travellers a valuable insight into to the local communities. We work closely with local organizations that strive for sustainable development. The aim is to create an experiential learning process – where locals and visitors exchange ideas and information and learn from each other. We believe that human interaction and the sharing of experience and expertise are at the heart of genuine travel; doing away with boundaries, it’s deep, easily felt and universal. A common language we all speak, a language of kindness.

Projects we support:


  • Creative Education Foundation
  • Recovery Sober House Art Center
  • Zanzibar Outreach Program

Halal Tourism

A novel idea in the tourism industry, Halal Tourism is taking destinations by storm. Zanzibar a predominantly Muslim nation, with some halal-friendly accommodation is slowly starting to cater for this niche market. At Grassroots Traveller, we welcome avid Muslim Travellers to explore this Indian Ocean paradise with its wealth of Islamic culture and heritage.

Luxury with a purpose

Every trip founded on this principle has a purpose and there is no stinging on luxury or lavishness. With an eye on the conscious traveller, Grassroots Traveller has hand picked high-end accommodation and excursions that take on the responsibility to improve communities and preserve marine environment, in some of the most spectacular, far-flung locations south of the Equator.

We are proud members of Pack for a Purpose, an initiative that allows travelers like you to make a lasting impact in the community at your travel destination. If you save just a few kilos of space in your suitcase and bring supplies for area schools or medical clinics in need, you’ll make a priceless impact in the lives of our local children and families. Please click here to see what supplies are needed for our project/projects.

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