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Our story:

Founder & Managing Director | Hafsa MbambaIMG_8080
This Copenhagen born Zanzibari entrepreneur and globetrotter has always had itchy feet and a thirst for other cultures. It was during her semester abroad in Melbourne, Australia as a young teen that Hafsa discovered that travelling was her calling. This yearning for travel ultimately earned her a Bachelor’s degree in International Tourism Management in London. One day during class, the idea of starting a destination management company suddenly struck her. The location was naturally going to be Zanzibar – an idyllic Indian Ocean paradise in close proximity to the African mainland. The goal was to showcase East African destinations through the grassroots lens, in a way guidebook or a search engine couldn’t, to stimulate the natural curiosity to explore and the human need to connect with others! Hafsa’s ultimate goal with Grassroots Traveller is to steer away from the stereotype of tourism as merely a matter of a plane ticket and hotel reservations. The philosophy behind it is to strengthen the tourism industry by linking it with other sectors and incidentally help improve the livelihoods of many.

Who we are:

Grassroots Traveller is a Destination Management Company in the heart of Stone Town with a vision that goes beyond the sun, sand & sea concept. We believe in grassroots and authentic experiences. We create travel opportunities that at once offer better insight and positively contribute to the welfare of the local communities. We believe in the core principle of tourism for all – tourism development that creates holistic experiences for the local communities, local businesses and the visitors.

How we do it:

Our expertise in international tourism management coupled with strongly rooted professional ties to East Africa, allow us to offer a varied know-how portfolio, ranging from sustainable tourism management, agrotourism to creative design. Our youthful enterprising teams do not shy away from thinking outside the box and are ready to showcase the use of resources and innovative ways to meet your needs. We function as an effective link in planning and development, be it a leisurely trip, a project development or an event management.

What we do:

Grassroots Traveller takes pride in its growing network in the East African region and its extensive local knowledge of the tourism industry. Grassroots Traveller ensures that the day-to-day charm and characteristics of a destination are captured along the way. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, analyze the visitor’s experience and create bespoke experiences.

Our services include:

  • Hospitality Management
  • Consultancy in Sustainable Tourism Management, Agrotourism & Project Development
  • Event Management, specializing in Meetings, Incentives, Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Creative Design & E-concept Development

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